Wallowa County Oregon Real Estate

The county offers its approximately 7,000 residents with an improved way of life that combines a friendly ambiance and fascinating culture with the charm of small town life.

Nestled in a scenic location in the far northeastern corner of Oregon, Wallowa County is a quiet area filled with unspoiled natural areas and charming small towns in the most coveted areas of the county. With affordable homes available in a wide range of sizes, this is the area of Oregon that you have been looking to settle down in.

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Learning More about Wallowa County

Wallowa County is among the least populated counties in Oregon, attesting to its relaxed lifestyle and wide open spaces. The landscape is marked with beautiful mountain peaks, serene valleys and gorgeous rivers flowing through many corners of the county. In fact, Wallowa is a Nez tribal word that means “winding water.” The county was originally inhabited by this tribe, and white settlers arrived in 1871 in search of a place to settle down in with their livestock. The county courthouse was one of the first governmental structures built, and it dates back to 1909. Some of the largest towns in Wallowa include Enterprise, Joseph, Lostine and Wallowa.

What Life Is Like in Wallowa County

Natural areas and outdoor recreation strongly influence the way of life in Wallowa. Here, you will find such geographical features as Hells Canyon, the Wallowa River, Joseph Canyon and the Grand Ronde River. When local residents are not enjoying outdoor recreational opportunities, they may be participating in local fairs or festivals, shopping or enjoying entertainment or dining at a local retail area and more. While the area has a relatively low population, it nonetheless has numerous commercial areas and parks for its residents to enjoy.

Finding the Right Home in Wallowa County

If you have decided to start looking for a home to purchase in Wallowa, you will be pleased at the incredible options available. Some of the homes you will find are older or even historic homes that date back for decades and these homes have incredible character and charm. Other homes are newer in age, and they may have an open-floor plan design and other modern features. These homes are available in a wide range of sizes and room configurations to meet your unique needs. Your real estate team at La Grande Real Estate Team can assist you in finding the right home for your needs in Wallowa County.

Whether you have buying a new home in Wallowa County, selling your property or both, you need assistance from a skilled and experienced real estate team. This is a relatively small real estate market, and it can often be challenging to find the right home to buy or the right buyer for your home. We use our experience of the market and our dedicated focus to help each client fulfill their goals. If you are preparing to buy or sell property in Wallowa County soon, contact our office for a consultation today.

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