Sometimes I Can't Help It...
Oct 21, 2013

I Just Can’t Help It:

I have to talk about the agents and office manager in my office, but not in the way you may expect.

Business operators sometimes let themselves get caught up in a bad habit of complaining about the people who work for or with them. I seem to hear it quite a bit from business owners.

You know how it goes, “I get so sick of being the only one who cares about anything,” or “I have to do it all,” and “I can never take a day off because nothing gets done when I’m gone.” You’ve heard it. You know what I mean.

My problem is just the opposite.

I can’t say enough good things about all the people in my office. I’ve been so blessed to have such an incredible group of people to work with.

There is no drama between anyone here. We all get along very well, which is a big deal in an office as large as ours.

When there is conflict and hassle in an office, it can severely impact the office environment as a whole. Nobody wants to come to work.

At RE/MAX Real Estate Team, nobody has to be concerned that another agent will steal clients. The office manager doesn’t favor any of us - even me - when it comes to passing out generic calls that come to us. It’s a great atmosphere to work in, and I think the agents here all agree.

I am sometimes in awe of what these people can accomplish in real estate while they continue to “have a life”.

Sharron had one of the best years of production in real estate during the first year of her first child’s life!

Haley is having an amazing real estate year while she and her husband are building a new home.

Amanda had her second child in June and has continued to manage our office in an efficient, brilliant manner.

Holly has had her best year ever while helping her husband get through some medical issues.

Patty is producing yet another outstanding year while helping her daughter plan a wedding.

Everyone has a life. Our agents are no exception. What makes them different is the level of skill, passion and commitment they all have in their lives as well as in their business.

I think every business owner would love to have the group I have been given.

They are outstanding agents, and more importantly, they are outstanding people.

Please feel free to contact us with any "Home Value" or your real estate questions.

We have an incredible team and anyone in our office will give you top notch advice:

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Randy McKinnis


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