Real Estate Advice without Real Estate-isms?!
May 20, 2013

Real Estate Advice without Real Estate-isms!

La Grande Real Estate Team won't give you that A couple of days ago a friend of mine and I were visiting, mostly about the upcoming NFL draft, when our conversation turned to real estate...

He told me he has been considering buying a house in another area of the state. 

I don’t remember the exact question he asked, but I do remember my response!

I reeled off quite the lengthy "bit of advice" laden with “real estate-isms”- words and phrases that we in the real estate world use every day, but that are not necessarily in the vocabulary of the average person.

That "Glazed Over Look"

It occurred to me later that as I was dishing out my two-cents, he got that glazed over look in his eyes. You know the one: the look that kids get when their parents are giving them all the rules about “riding in cars with their friends.”

I realized that he didn’t want to hear all of my real estate jargon. He simply wanted me to tell him the facts about things in a way he could easily understand and relate to.

It made me think about how I feel when a doctor tries to explain medical issues to me. I don’t understand a word of it.

In fact, I understand so little of it, that I used to leave the local doctor’s office and call my old friend “Dr. Tim” and ask him to tell me what was really going on.  He would give me medical advice in a way that I could understand and I loved him - and trusted him - because of it.

Buying Real Estate Can Be More Difficult Than It Needs To Be

Real estate can be complicated sometimes, and people (some real estate agents and relatives who “just want to help”) can make it seem worse than it really is. There are basic ideas that can help everyone maneuver through the process.

I tell my clients all the time that buying a house is usually easier than buying a car. I’m not exaggerating!

Buying a $200,000 Home is Easier than a 20,000 Car with the Right Agent

You can buy a $200,000 home with far less irritation and heartburn than buying a $20,000 car.

With a good agent to guide you, the paperwork is generally easier, your agent actually represents you, the lender has already gotten what they need, and you will be out looking at homes making decisions, not sitting in a showroom while the sales manager tries to squeeze the last nickel from you.

It truly can be much easier---and, for sure, less irritating!

This Blog

With that in mind, we have created this new real estate blog. It is resource where you will find information and answers to your real world real estate questions and concerns, not in real estate-isms, but in the day-to-day language that all of us can understand.

Hopefully this will help you and others like you to make better decisions about real estate in La Grande and Union County.

I’m really looking forward to this blog!

If you have questions or comments for us, be sure to contact us.  We love to hear from all our friends. 

Until I see you again, happy house hunting!

-Randy McKinnis

Broker/Owner RE/MAX Real Estate Team

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