An Inside Look at Being a Real Estate Agent
Feb 27, 2014

 An Inside Look at Being a Real Estate Agent


Real Estate Agents: They are more & do more than most people think!

I know that prior to getting into this industry; I really had no idea what real estate people did.

I saw them as good marketers, well versed on sales skills and that’s about it.

Truth is, the good ones are good at marketing but they are also very good at many other crucial things.

I had no idea when I started, but real estate is much more stressful than most would think.

First, you don’t get paid just for being in the office and doing your work. Paychecks come when you have accomplished your goal-helping someone actually sell or buy a home. Until a house is actually sold and closed there is no pay. Realtors are much better money managers than the average person considering they have no set paydays.

Next, you would think helping someone buy a house is all “touchy feely” and everyone is happy. Maybe in a perfect world, but the reality is: few real estate sales are that way. Many are from estates, moving from the area-or to a retirement home and divorces. Circumstances that are not so pleasant for people. Being a realtor means you must be excellent at dealing with people-often times at their worst and under the most intense pressure ever.

There are tons of “moving parts” to a real estate deal aside from the buyers and sellers. Other agents, escrow, title examiners, lenders, mortgage holders, inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, personal representatives and contractors….. The list goes on and on. A good realtor deals with them all: co-ordinates them all, negotiates with them, satisfies the requirements and does it all within the time frames required to get people moved from house to house.

Realtors are much more than most think.

I admire the agents in my office. They care! They work unbelievably hard. They have high standards. They have an uncanny ability to deal with people and all the “moving parts” that come with them.

Very few people could actually make a living doing what realtors do... but our agents are doing exceptionally well. Our clients love them...

Please feel free to contact us with any "Home Value" or your real estate questions.

We have an incredible team and anyone in our office will give you top notch advice:

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Randy McKinnis


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